Exploring the Hidden Gem of Pompano Beach, Florida

The city of Pompano Beach, Florida is a hidden gem that is known for its excellent boating and fishing trips, accented by a live offshore coral reef accessible to divers and snorkelers. Fishermen and families flock to the 1,000-foot-long municipal fishing pier, beachside playgrounds, grills and picnic tables. Located 35 miles north of Miami, this beautiful spot is more discreet than its more vibrant and much louder counterpart. Despite its more relaxed appeal, there are plenty of fun activities to do in Pompano Beach. From the golden sand beaches that stretch for miles to the peaceful waterways that wind through quiet neighborhoods, there is something for everyone.

The city also has a thriving cultural scene that competes with some of its biggest and best-known counterparts. The Blanche Ely House and Museum is a great place to explore the history of the black community of Pompano Beach. It showcases the role of African-American leaders in the city's history. For a more traditional shopping experience, head to the Pompano Citi Center, conveniently located a few kilometers east of I-95. From the end of the pier, you can enjoy magnificent views of Pompano Beach and the endless Atlantic Ocean. Butterfly World is located six miles northwest of Pompano Beach in neighboring Coconut Creek. It's worth the short drive to explore this unique attraction.

With more than 500 vendors, one of the most popular activities in Pompano Beach is exploring the offerings at the Flea Market Hall Festival. When you're done fishing on the pier, take some time to stroll through the lively fishing town of Pompano Beach. Everglades Holiday Park is located west of Fort Lauderdale and a 40-minute drive from Pompano Beach. It's your gateway to this incredible part of South Florida. Visitors to Pompano Beach spend most of their time lounging on the soft, golden sand of this Atlantic Ocean beauty.

The Pompano Beach amusement park is located half a mile south of Fisher's Family Pier and is home to seafood, colorful corals and a wide variety of fish. You can swim to some places right from the beach or try a half-day snorkeling trip with some of the nicest captains in the area at Pompano Dive Center. To navigate comfortably and avoid traffic, the Pompano Beach water taxi is the easiest way to go sightseeing in Pompano Beach.