Is it a Good Idea to Change Locks on a New House?

When you move to a new home, it is essential to change the locks on your house. You never know how many copies of the house keys are out there from previous owners, so changing the locks will keep your new home more secure. Tom recommends changing the locks every time you buy a new house. For commercial properties, offices, rentals, apartment complexes and condominiums, a better option may be to change the password.Instead of replacing the lock and accessories, a locksmith can change the mechanical locking mechanism so that old keys no longer open the door.

The lock is then reset to work with a new key. When multiple locks need to be modified, changing the key is often the most cost-effective solution. First, it's done with the old. Removing old locks will require a screwdriver. Make sure you are prepared to install the new lock before removing the existing one.

Since a locksmith has to purchase a new set of locks for the door, it can be a much more expensive process than reopening the lock, but with the added benefit of being able to customize or improve the security of your home. Also, if security is an issue but you're short on time, you can hire a professional locksmith to replace the locks. It's best to schedule the locksmith service for the day after closing to ensure the deal is finalized. A professional locksmith can do the job safely and quickly while you take care of other things on your list. There are a few considerations to consider when planning to have a locksmith change the locks on a new or new home for you.

Here's a look at the information you should provide when you call the locksmith to help streamline the process. But if you don't trust your DIY skills or want to put your home security in the hands of a professional, you can always rely on a locksmith. Professional locksmiths can efficiently replace current lock systems in homes and commercial buildings. However, there are some cases where you'll probably want to call a professional locksmith instead of trying to change the key on your own.